Self Defense in Palm Bay

Self Defense in Palm Bay

By: Dragon Fire Fitness


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What is Self Defense?

Merriam – Webster’s dictionary defines Self Defense as the act of defending yourself, your property, etc. and/or skills that make you capable of protecting yourself during an attack. That is pretty spot on. In today’s crazy society it is almost required to know some form of self-defense in order to keep our selves and families safe. Every day you turn on the news all you hear is our society attacking or hurting one another. The term self-defense does not belong to any one style or system of martial arts. In fact, there is a large difference between the two. Self Defense is the ability to defend one’s self! End of story. Self Defense is a discipline that can change your life in numerous ways. But before we go into those let’s learn why we NEED to learn self-defense.


Why Do I Need Self Defense?

The obvious answer here is that learning self-defense gives you the knowledge and ability to defend yourself in a potentially violent situation. However, self-defense does so much more than that as well. Here is the short list of the many ways you need self-defense in your life.

  1. It Builds Confidence: Self Defense provides a sense of confidence like no other activity. Most people who begin a self-defense class feel very insecure and unconfident in their ability to defend themselves. This is totally normal. As you continue you in your own self-defense class journey those fears and insecurities will fade quickly. Soon after starting you will begin to grasp the techniques and skills that will allow you to defend yourself. Also, you will be alongside others who will help raise your confidence and skill levels to new heights.
  2. It Builds Self-Discipline: This is a quality that is harder and harder to find now a day. Bruce Lee once said that “The only discipline that lasts, is self-discipline”. How right he was. Let’s face we could all use this great quality more. Self – Discipline is a quality that leaks into all areas of our lives (work, school, fitness, family time etc.) and we can never have too much of it. Self Defense builds this by attending every class and holding you responsible for your own growth in skill and attendance.
  3. It Teaches Self-Respect: Self Defense builds your self-respect by partner training. You and your partner must practice well yet practice control by not seriously hurting one another. If you do not respect yourself then how can you respect your training partner, or your teacher? Self-Respect also builds trust. You must trust yourself, your partner and your teacher. If you don’t trust these then you will see no growth physically or mentally.
  4. It Helps with Goal Setting: Self Defense is great for teaching or improving goal setting. Each class is designed to practice and enhance your skills. But you get what you put into it. Meaning if you want to perfect any particular technique, you must make it a goal and strive to accomplish that goal. We teach S.M.A.R.T goals. Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Time bound.
  5. It Improves Your Fitness Level: Self Defense is a physical activity that involves every muscle and system in your body. Balance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, speed, cardiovascular and more are all GREATLY improved in a self-defense class.

So, in short a self-defense class helps to build almost every aspect of your life. There is nothing to lose and the gains far outweigh any possible risk. Self Defense becomes such a major part of you it WILL affect all areas of your life for the better.


The Hard Facts

The following facts are from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports & the United States Crime Clock from 2014.

  1. A Violent Crime Occurred Every 26.3 Seconds
  2. 1 Murder Every 36.9 Minutes
  3. 1 Rape Every 4.5 Minutes
  4. 1 Aggravated Assault 42.5 Seconds
  5. 1 Armed Robbery Every 42.5 Seconds
  6. A Property Crime Occurred Every 3.8 Seconds
  7. 1 Burglary Every 18.2 Seconds
  8. 1 Larceny-Theft Every 5.4 Seconds
  9. 1 Motor Vehicle Theft Every 45.7 Seconds

That is a lot of crime! But worse of all that is a lot a lot of victims. Dragon Fire Fitness wants to prevent you from being one of these victims.


Why Dragon Fire Fitness Self Defense?

There are a lot of Self Defense schools out there. So, why should you choose Dragon Fire Fitness? It’s an easy answer. QUALITY! Dragon Fire Fitness has the highest quality gym and trainer in Brevard County. Our gym has an onsite obstacle course suitable for all fitness levels, our gym, has all the equipment of a big box gym at the fraction of the cost to you, and our self-defense class curriculum is right for all ages, genders, and skill levels. Most self-defense schools try to teach the same technique to all ages, genders, strengths, and statures. Let’s be honest it is not the same technique for a 220lb man & a 95lb woman. We understand this and have the curriculum that modifies the techniques to suit you personally. Finally, most self-defense schools cost a lot of money usually $200 plus a month for unlimited classes. We are much more reasonable and you receive more classes at a better quality than any other school around. Our self-defense class goes for $60 a month. No contract no hassles.


So Come Join Us Today and Make the First Step in a Safer Life for Your Family and Yourself!


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Finding Brevard’s Best Self Defense Instructor

Our trainer is certified by ACE (the American Council on Exercise) and has over 9 years’ experience in teaching self-defense. He can personally train you, your family and your friends in Brevard County, Florida. Dragon Fire Fitness is located off of Malabar Road just east of I-95. Our facility includes a boot camp, an extreme obstacle course, meditation/flexibility training, and self-defense instruction. Call us at (321) 802-6293 right now and let’s get to work on your goals.

We serve the personal training and fitness goals of Brevard County residents including the towns of Malabar, West Melbourne, Rockledge, Cocoa Beach, Indian Harbor Beach, Grant-Valkaria, Satellite Beach, Indialantic, Palm Shores, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Titusville, Melbourne Village, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa and Sebastian.

Dragon Fire Fitness is now serving:

  • Self Defense in Palm Bay
  • Self Defense in West Melbourne
  • Self Defense in Melbourne
  • Self Defense in Malabar
  • Self Defense in Grant-Valkaria
  • Self Defense in Indialantic
  • Self Defense in 32911
  • Self Defense in 32910
  • Self Defense in 32909
  • Self Defense in 32908
  • Self Defense in 32907
  • Self Defense in 32905
  • Self Defense in 32904
  • Self Defense in 32903
  • Self Defense in 32902
  • Self Defense in 32901
  • Self Defense in 32950
  • Self Defense in 32949
  • Self Defense in 32976
  • Self Defense in 32948
  • Self Defense in 32934




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