Awareness, Focus, Reaction

We live in a dangerous world now a day. The ability to defend oneself and family is almost a requirement to safely walk the streets. Dragon Fire Fitness has a program that teaches a simple yet extremely effective program for adult self-defense.yinyang

We use a variety of techniques from multiple systems (Kick Boxing, Kung Fu, Tai Shing Pek Kwar, and more). Most self-defense classes teach fancy jumps, high kicks, and rolling on the matt. That’s fine if you want to ring fight, but in a real situation you don’t want to exhaust yourself through jumps and easily blocked high kicks or rolling on the asphalt with glass and sharp rocks.

There is no perfect martial art, only those who train it properly are successful. That’s where we come in. Our trainer has trained for over 15 years and been instructing for the last 7 years.

Come by and try a free week of classes and experience the effective training for yourself.

Stage 1 Hatchling

  1. Situational Awareness
  2. Emotional Content
  3. Mental Awareness
  4. The Art of Non-conflict
  5. 1-8 combos
  6. Basic low kicks
  7. Reactiveness
  8. Basic blocks

Stage 2 Flameling

  1. Intro into low sweeps
  2. 9-14 combos
  3. Intro into falling
  4. Situation Control
  5. Gor Sao
  6. 5 Star
  7. Clinch defense
  8. Short range strikes

Stage 3 Long

  1. All kicks
  2. Distance control
  3. Open & closed hand strikes
  4. Advanced rolls and sweeps
  5. Advanced Sparring
  6. Gun & Knife Defense
  7. Multiple opponent defense
  8. Leadership training

Stage 4 Elder Dragon

  • At this point student will be moved into a separate class to finish advanced training.

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