Awareness, Focus, Inner Peace

Very few people understand the difference between meditation and relaxing. They are completely different. Few instructors know the difference as well. Here at Dragon Fire Fitness we not only know the difference but teach it.


We teach Qigong (also known as Chi Gung) meditation and movements. Our trainers’ instructor (Ah Sang) was trained for over 30 years in this art form and has now passed it on. This form of meditation and movements known for its health, vitality, and life force building.

Qigong is a philosophy of life that fosters wisdom, well-being and harmonious living. It is not a religion or a cult. This form of meditation is also for an exercise enthusiast who needs that day of recovery so they can continue their exercise programs.


If you are experiencing stress, lack of sleep, confusion, poor health, mind cluttering, and other non-medical related symptoms, Qigong may help. As the Chinese say “Empty Your Cup”.

From new meditators to advanced colleagues we have a program that will help you gain awareness and unclutter your mind!

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