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Let’s get PHIT with Brevard’s best personal trainers and facility! Now I know what you are thinking – another fitness article that says the same thing about diet, exercise and the latest fitness trend. Well this isn’t anything close to that. Dragon Fire Fitness is presenting you a whole new level of fitness and it can be done by anybody! Our Palm Bay personal trainer has developed the PHIT model that will be the new standard in exercise. This model is optimal for all ages, races, sexes, and fitness levels.


P.H.I.T. stands for Peripheral Heart Interval Training. This is a concept developed by our ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified trainer in Palm Bay and has resulted in amazingly positive and physical changes in our clients. At Dragon Fire Fitness we are focused on helping everyone achieve the best physical training experience available in Brevard County.


What is PHIT?


P.H.I.T. can be understood as the perfect union of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and PHA

(Peripheral Heart Action training). Dragon Fire Fitness P.H.I.T program is the newest and best fitness option in Brevard County.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which is widely known for its fat burning and muscle toning capabilities. Peripheral Heart Action training (PHA) which is known for its muscle building and VO2 Max enhancing capabilities. Both of these by themselves are great way to enhance any exercise program. But, why settle for the average when you can over-achieve!


The Science behind P.H.I.T.


Put your thinking caps on and together we will walk through the science behind and sample of the P.H.I.T. program.  So far we know what PHA and HIIT do. Now we will look at them working in union.


PHIT is done as an upper body exercise followed by a lower body exercise (this is the PHA), then a rest occurs that is usually a core or abdominal exercise (this is the interval).  The upper body exercise may be several pushups followed by a lower body exercise of walking lunges for 90 yards when completed the trainee will hold a plank until failure. What this example has done is use the heart to pump a surge blood to the upper body in pushups, then transfer the surge blood to the lower body when the walking lunge interval begins (causing a sudden rise in heart beat due to the rapid change in working extremities) finally the upper and lower get a static break while holding a plank. There are more ways to perform P.H.I.T. that we will discuss in future articles.


Homeostasis and PHIT


This is a great way to simplify P.H.I.T. model but there is much more. You see our bodies have an internal system called homeostasis (the system of checks and balances for the body). Homeostasis, like to keep our body at a regular temperature, blood flow, metabolism rate, blood pressure etc. So exercise in general affects this balance since we make our bodies do what homeostasis doesn’t want.


Now, P.H.I.T. make our homeostasis go hay wire. PHIT will raise blood pressure, temperature, etc. just like regular exercise. The key is the constant intensity and change in blood flow. So even after a PHIT training session our body will have to regain balance but in a much more difficult manner than regular exercise.


PHIT and Contralateral Movements


Let’s take the P.H.I.T. model a step further, contralateral movements (opposite side of the body exp. Left leg and right arm). So an example of the next stage P.H.I.T. model will be contralateral exercise. Example: Pistol squat left leg to right arm bicep curl then switch to opposite side followed by an isometric glute bridge hold for your rest period. At this point our bodies are super confused with the contralateral movements and weight loads that are done in typical exercise.


After exercise in general our bodies go through a rebuilding process where our heart rate increases, our breathing increases, as well as our blood flow increases throughout the body. The P.H.I.T. model make the rebuilding process much more effective for building muscles and improving lung capacity.


The PHIT model place the body under uncommon stress which causes a much more effective change on the bodily systems than average exercise. For example, if an Olympic sprinter tries to attempt a half marathon her body will not do as well as if she ran her regular 40-yard dash. Same goes for us regular Joes.


Our bodies become used to regular exercise and we hit a plateau. Even if you are not a regular exerciser most exercises you will do are functional fitness (exercises that mimic everyday activity). That is fine but again we don’t want to settle for anything less than overachieving. The P.H.I.T. model does have some functional fitness exercises but a huge difference comes into play when we use the change of heart flow and the intervals involved.


Let’s Get PHIT in Brevard County with Dragon Fire Fitness


In summary, I am not saying that PHIT is the only way to. What I am stating is that the PHIT model is something no one else has tried and it appears to have a much greater impact on the body than the standard functional fitness like routines. If you want more examples on PHIT please feel free to stop by our facility or call ahead and we will help you overachieve on Day 1! Call us at (321) 802-6293 today and let’s get started.


Our certified trainer is available to personally train you and your friends in Brevard County. Dragon Fire Fitness is located off of Malabar Road near I-95. Our facility includes an extreme obstacle course, boot camp, self-defense instruction and meditation/flexibility training.


We serve the personal training needs of Brevard County and the communities of Grant-Valkaria, Malabar, Indialantic, Palm Shores, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Rockledge, Melbourne Village, Titusville, Indian Harbor Beach, Cocoa Beach, West Melbourne, Cocoa, Satellite Beach and Cape Canaveral.


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