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Best Personal Trainer in Brevard County


Working out starts with our minds not our bodies. We first need to focus on where we want to be – not where we were. The best personal trainers in Brevard County will all agree – it is the decisions that you make with your mind that determine your focus. So to be successful in your journey to become physically fit, you need to think it through.


At Dragon Fire Fitness in Brevard County we offer our clients the opportunity to challenge themselves on Brevard’s best extreme obstacle course. We also provide boot camp training, self-defense instruction and meditation/flexibility training in Brevard. But before any of our clients begin working out at our facility, we sit down with you to think through what you want to and need to focus on.


Your Fitness Goals in Brevard


First and foremost, let’s talk about your goals. Goals are the most IMPORTANT part of your Brevard fitness program. Without them we are just doing movements (with or without weights). Our goals give us a drive and a sense of accomplishment when achieved (or overachieved if you come to us).


Now, everyone has different goals based on fitness levels, and interest. We set many short term goals in order to reach one long term goal. For example, jogging farther every two weeks is a short term goal. As we accomplish a few short term goals (jogging distance) we WILL eventually be able to accomplish our long term goal which is to run the original distance at a faster pace.


At Dragon Fire Fitness, we work with our clients to set reasonable and manageable goals because we know what it takes to succeed. We always stand by our clients and do everything that we can to help you succeed.


The Emotional Content of Your Fitness Goals


Once, we have our goals set we need to understand EMOTIONAL CONTENT. Emotional content can be simplified to drive or will power. In short form, emotional content is the WHY in your life. Why do you come exercise daily? Why do you want to be more physically in shape? Why do you want to adopt and live a healthy lifestyle? Why do you what you do?


In martial arts we ask ourselves and our students to discover their emotional content. It is a journey of self-discipline and self-knowledge. So, in order to truly adopt and live a healthy lifestyle you must discover your emotional content. (There is no wrong answer only wrong if you do not ask). Here are a few answers of what we have heard over the years: Why do you exercise and live a healthy lifestyle daily? For my family, for my son, to be the best that I can be, to be strong for my aging parents, to live life easier, to enjoy the natural wonders of the world.


As your personal trainer in Brevard, the team at Dragon Fire Fitness continually work with our clients and their emotional content. It is a work in progress. Sometimes it changes or evolves and other times it doesn’t. Our Brevard County personal trainers are ready to help you figure out the emotional content behind your workout goals.


Safety First in Fitness


Next, we talk about safety. Safety is rarely taught in gyms now a day. But at Dragon Fire Fitness safety is one of our main concerns. Many believe that exercise is a motion and it is. However, these motions can cause serious harm too self or others if not done properly.


Here are a few ways to make your program as safe as possible:


Ø  It is always key to do the exercise as described and shown.

Ø  Always make sure you have enough space around you to avoid disrupting or hitting another teammate.

Ø  Spotters are great, if you have someone to work with while exercising that’s great if not then ask a teammate for assistance.

Ø  Stay hydrated, hydration begins DAYS before the exercise itself.

Ø  Avoid being out of the trainer’s sight.

Ø  And also be vocal if you or someone else is injured contact 911 or your trainer IMMEDIATELY!


Finding Brevard’s Best Personal Trainer

Our ACE certified trainer can personally train you, your family and your friends in Brevard County, Florida. Dragon Fire Fitness is located off of Malabar Road just east of I-95. Our facility includes a boot camp, an extreme obstacle course, meditation/flexibility training, and self-defense instruction. Call us at (321) 802-6293 right now and let’s get to work on your goals.


We serve the personal training and fitness goals of Brevard County residents including the towns of Malabar, West Melbourne, Rockledge, Cocoa Beach, Indian Harbor Beach, Grant-Valkaria, Satellite Beach, Indialantic, Palm Shores, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Titusville, Melbourne Village, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa and Sebastion.




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